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My name isn't Sookie Jane and I don't like rum. I am Southern and I am turning 40 this year, so like any independent Southern girl, I've decided to try as many new things as I can handle. Hence, this blog, graduate school, writing a children's book, and getting a fiery dragon tattooed across my back. Just kidding about the dragon. Maybe a dragonfly...

Monday, April 26, 2010


Sookie Jane is the name my Granny would yell, either as a threat or as a term of endearment. She had a hard time remembering the names of the grandkids, so she'd either call us Sookie Jane, or she'd name 5 or 6 other names until she hit on the right one. This was usually followed with, "I'm gonna git your goat!" That's when we'd run outside into the sultry summer heat and hide next to her white house by the blue hydrangeas. I loved those bushes. Still do. I can't seem to make them grow in this rocky soil. It's funny how many things from home don' t fit in here.

I haven't been called Sookie Jane in years.

So, here's to you, Granny. I'm sure you're growing hydrangeas and making yeast rolls for all of heaven.


  1. hahaha, wonderful! Love the new blog, sis! Here's to a funfilled year of 40 things to do when you hit that lovely number. xooxo

  2. PS. Dangit, wish I'd thought about the fiery dragon tatoo when I turned 40. =o)

  3. Hey...I LOVE your's a side of you we don't get to see. Can't wait to read more!!